The years roll on.


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Monday morning marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Monkey.

And I know I’ll be writing “Year of the Goat” on my checks for a couple more weeks.

60,000 hits!

Sometime Sunday morning. Just twenty-eight days before it hit 59,000.

Thanks, pals.

* snif *


That awkward moment


59,000 hits!

Sometime on Wednesday. Just twenty-nine days earlier, it hit 58,000.

Thanks, pals.

* snif *

Today is Christmas Eve Day.

There’s a warm feeling in the air that no other holiday season can match. Family and friends are beginning to gather together to share warm feelings of affection and celebration. Small children wait in breathless anticipation for Santa’s visit, and the happiness and excitement it will bring.

And you know what that means, don’t you?

The radio stations have begun their Valentines Day promotion.

Slightly tasteless holiday joke.

A couple was in a busy shopping center just before Christmas. The wife suddenly noticed that her husband was missing. And since they had a lot to do and very little time to do it in, she called him on her cellphone.

The husband answered. “Hello, dear.”

“Where are you?” she asked. “You know we have lots to do.”

“Darling,” he said, “do you remember the jewelers shop we went into about ten years ago? Where you fell in love with that diamond necklace?”

She gasped. “Why… yes… I do.”

He continued. “I could not afford it at the time, but I said that one day I would get it for you? Do you remember that shop?”

Little tears started to flow down her cheek, and she got all choked up. “Yes, I do remember that shop,” she gasped.

“Well,” he said, “I’m in the bar right next to it.”

58,000 hits!

Sometime this morning. Just twenty-two days ago it hit 57,000.

Thanks, pals.

* snif *


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