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You can’t be stronger if life doesn’t try you every now and then.

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Break a bone, and as the broken part heals it becomes the strongest part in it.

Get hit by a virus, survive that, and supposedly it can never get you again.

Observe how your skin that gets rubbed on a surface often becomes thicker and more rough with time.

Remember how naïve you were before, and with, each incident and accident with people that you’ve had.

It brought you to the “knowing better” person you are now.

You can’t be stronger if life doesn’t try you every now and then.

And after each trial it promises a stronger, more immune version of you. – Eman Farouk

Ain’t this the truth.

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“Many couples need physical intimacy to make a relationship last longer than it should.”  – The Onion

Slightly risqué joke of the day.

stand up comedianA proper British gentleman goes into a fancy, high-class department store. He begins to browse in the office supplies department. A young saleswoman walks up and asks if she could help him.

“Excuse me, miss,” the man asks, “but do you keep stationery?”

“Well,” she blushes, “sometimes I wiggle around a bit…”

It’s the first week of September.

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The air is crisp, the sun’s beams are lengthening, and the wind is warm and pleasant. Labor Day is over, the kids are back in school, football season hasn’t officially kicked off yet, and there’s still a couple of weeks until fall begins.

Which means, naturally, that Walmart is putting out its Christmas merchandise.

Moment of Zen.



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