Don’t they get it?

White Americans think it’s inexcusable that black Americans are rioting, destroying property, threatening police officers, and looting from stores over police killings of black citizens.

After all, they say, you save that for when your team wins the Super Bowl.

Donald J. Trump, Will You Please Go NOW!

51l0ni45amlThe time has come.
The time is now.
Just go. Go. GO!
I don’t care how.

You can go by foot.
You can go by cow.
Donald J. Trump, will you please go now!

You can go on skates.
You can go on skis.
You can go in a hat.
But please go.

I don’t care.
You can go by bike.
You can go by Trump Airlines if you like.
If you like you can go in an old blue shoe.
Just go, go, GO!
Please do, do, DO!

Donald J. Trump, I don’t care how.
Donald J. Trump, will you please GO NOW!

You can go by balloon……or zeppelin.
OR You can go by camel with a Muslim guide.
You can go by school bus……or jet.
I don’t care how you go.
Just GET!

Get a witches’ broom.
You can go with a……………..BOOM!
Donald, Donald, Donald!
Will you leave this room!

Donald J. Trump!
I don’t care HOW.
Donald J. Trump!
Will you please GO NOW!

I said GO and GO I prayed….
The time had come.

Good advice.

The Art Of Parody

“Little Douche Coupe”

Well, I’m not bragging, man, so don’t put me down
But everyone I know thinks I’m a real ass clown
When I get into my car, you know, I don’t even try
If I see you need a lift, I just wave bye-bye
It’s my little douche coupe
You don’t know what I got

Just a little douche coupe, man, as you can see
The stereo plays nothing but Kenny G
When I pull in front of you, man, I become a jerk
I drive super-duper slow to make you late for work
It’s my little douche coupe
You don’t know what I got

It’s got a combination clutch and four-on-the-floor
And late at night I rev the engine right by your front door
And if that ain’t enough to make you flip your lid
There’s one more thing, I got a big sub-woofer

I park in handicapped, though I walk just great
And I always blast my horn when picking up my date
And just in case you think that I’m a caring chump
Bumper sticker on the back says I’m voting for Trump
It’s my little douche coupe
You don’t know what I got

That omnipotent master of the East…. Carnac The Magnificent

1374536704000-Carnac-Master-Photo-NUP-108128-0003-1307230909_3_4A: Rip Van Winkle, W.C. Fields, and Donald Trump.

Q: Name a snoozer, a boozer, and a loser.