Beer = Feminine Energy

I’m reading a book by a guy named David Deida, kind of a new-agey guy. The book is called “The Way Of The Superior Man.” One of the points he makes in it is that men are attracted to beer because BEER IS FEMININE ENERGY.

Men are attracted to all things feminine. Not just feminine women, but anything with feminine energy, anything which is radiant, alive, enlivening, relaxing, and moving. Feminine energy gets you out of your head and into your body. Music, beer, nature, they are all forms of feminine energy.

Woo hoo! This explains so very, very much. Beer is radiant, yes; alive, certainly; enlivening, frequently; relaxing, definitely; and moving, often. Plus hops have estrogen in them, so I’m told.

My pals Hoky and Jon-Erik (father and son) and I are zealous home brewers. In about the past year we’ve brewed five batches, are about to bottle a sixth, and begin brewing a seventh. We’ve become quite good at this, I think, in a relatively short time. So by brewing and drinking and appreciating beer, we can now say we’re just getting in touch with our feminine energy.

This certainly puts the lie to that dumb-ass poster that one often sees posted in a frat house or a deer stand: “Ten Ways Beer Is Better Than A Woman.”

One Comment on “Beer = Feminine Energy”

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