Girl On The Contrary on “HJNTIY”

He’s Just Not That Into You. Or Is He?


“I’m sure you’ve all heard about the book He’s Just Not That Into You. Or maybe you saw the movie. Or maybe you saw the Sex & The City episode where it all began. If you haven’t heard of the book, seen the movie, or watched the SATC episode, I need to first question your life choices. Next, I need to explain to you what this book is all about. Basically, HJNTIY (abbreviated because it’s annoyingly long and possibly poisonous) is a book written by a man and a woman about how most of the guys you like or are dating or are in a relationship with don’t really like you.”

“For quite some time, I wasn’t concerned with whether or not guys were interested in me because HJNTIY told me they weren’t. If a guy wasn’t calling, texting, making plans with, or making out with me then he just wasn’t that into me. If a guy initially called, texted, made plans with, and made out with me and then failed to do one of those things, even missed one day, it meant he may have been into me but was no longer into me anymore… Great. So it made me feel good, until it made me feel like crap. This book had me convinced that none of the guys I liked were into me. Even the ones who probably were.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I really do think the heart of this book is in the right place. I just think it would have been much better to say, ‘Hey. Don’t date assholes.’ Although, that would have been a much shorter book and Oprah probably wouldn’t approve.”

Great stuff. Read it all at her blog, You know, the one I can’t make it through the morning anymore without reading.

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