Song by Eytan Mirsky. Video by Miss Klaatu.

Acting by some chaplain…?

If you’ve seen the movies “The Tao Of Steve” or “American Splendor” you’ve heard Eytan’s music. Miss Klaatu’s real name is Elizabeth Racz, and you might find her songs or videos on YouTube. Someday when they’re both famous you’ll remember where you first learned of them. You’re welcome.

5 Comments on “Song by Eytan Mirsky. Video by Miss Klaatu.”

  1. […] disc by ultra-cool dude and Facebook friend Eytan Mirsky. Featured previously on this blog. No YouTube clips available yet. But the song that jumps out and grabs me by the ears is […]

  2. […] Facebook pal Miss Klaatu recently posted a thread on her FB page. Since she knows many, many peeps in the power-pop […]

  3. […] A Car: “Movin’ On” by The Rankin Family Learning A Lesson: “All The Things To Do When She Says No” by Eytan Mirsky Deep Thought: “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab For Cutie Flashback: “My Back […]

  4. […] props also to the lovely and talented Elizabeth Racz (“Miss Klaatu”), who served ably as Associate Producer. Nobody could have done […]

  5. […] I’ve featured them here before, both individually and together. […]

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