Logic puzzles: “This One Goes Out To Linda”

This one is heretofore unpublished. Take a look, drop me an email if you would like the solution.

“This One Goes Out To Linda”

Linda gets serenaded every weekday morning on her way to work. Her boyfriend William is the morning DJ on popular radio station WYRD-FM (“Wonderfully WYRD”), and each morning he dedicates a special song to his sweetie. Linda’s drive each morning is from 6:15 till 6:45, so William makes sure to play each song (one was “The Lovely Linda” by Paul McCartney) during that time period. Monday through Friday this week he dedicated a different song to Linda each morning at a different time, immediately followed by a different commercial spot for a local sponsor (one was MacFarkett’s Market). So Linda always arrives at work with a smile on her face, humming her song of the day! Can you determine which song William played for Linda each morning, what time he played it, and what commercial spot followed each song?

  1. On three consecutive days William played “Linda On My Mind” by Conway Twitty, the song that preceded a spot for Bonnie’s Beauty Parlor, and the song that played at the latest time.
  2. The Thursday dedication played at a later time than “Bella Linda” by the Grass Roots, and earlier than the Wednesday dedication.
  3. On three consecutive days Linda heard the song that preceded a spot for Bimbleman’s Bakery, the song that aired at 6:35, and the song by Paul McCartney.
  4. The latest song William played was at 6:40.
  5. On three consecutive days Linda were treated to the song that aired at 6:15, “I Saw Linda Yesterday” by Dickie Lee, and the song that preceded a spot for Sampson’s Hair Care.
  6. Only one song played at a later time than “L-L-L-Linda” by Jan & Dean.
  7. The spot for Rascal’s Pub played right after the 6:20 song.
  8. The song played at the earliest time aired the day before the one that preceded the spot for Bimbleman’s Bakery.
  9. Monday’s song was played ten minutes later than Friday’s song.


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