I miss Nova Scotia.

Cabot Trail – Cape Breton – Pic from islandrealestate.com

I specifically miss Cape Breton Island.

Cabot Trail – Cape Breton – Pic from gocanada.com

I spent most of September 2010 there. Did not want to leave. I was offered a job at the car rental desk when I returned my car at the Halifax airport; jokingly, I suspected later, but very likely I would have taken it. I had planned to return this past October for the Celtic Colours music festival at venues all over Cape Breton.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park – Pic from bestpicsof.com

But in February I broke my ankle. Despite having insurance.. “good” insurance as I was repeatedly assured.. the various fishing boat payments for the various specialists weren’t covered. Between that and the copays, they sucked up every spare nickel I had.

The capper was the “physical therapist” I was forced to see. Two sessions of 20 minutes each. “It hurts when I do this.” “Well, don’t do that…!” $400 out of pocket for those 40 minutes. $10 a minute. Good god. Even Spalding doesn’t have a racket that good.

The inescapable irony is that, if I had taken that job, this would have ALL BEEN PAID FOR.

Margaree Valley – Cape Breton- Pic from squidoo.com

Bitter? Oh, a wee bit.

6 Comments on “I miss Nova Scotia.”

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