My dad is in the hospital.

Seventy-eight years old, a tough American Scotsman, as strong as a horse and as resilient as a rubber band. But as the doctor told us, he reached a tipping point the other day. Started to experience chest pains and shortness of breath. He’s been diagnosed with COPD, asbestosis, and emphysema.

He’s been hospitalized for a week and a half, and we’re not sure how soon he’ll be discharged to home. We do know that he’s always been a fighter and is not going to give up.

His positive attitude is amazing and inspiring. When the doctor told us that he had ruled out mesothelioma, the relief and joy on Dad’s face flooded the room. Despite the other diagnoses.

I have never known a better man than my dad. If you met him, you would say the same. Prayers, healing energy, positive thoughts, white light – whatever you can send his way will be appreciated.

3 Comments on “My dad is in the hospital.”

  1. Tamyra says:

    Your dad has my prayers, We just watched my dad step back from that tipping point. He is on a downward slope but he’s home and got to hug his great grandchildren and bake them cookies. His example is going to do me good, but I still wish things were the way they used to be.

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