Grizzly Adams mystery

The Reluctant Paladin writes a superlative blog. He also posts well-reasoned and timely comments at one of my favorite blogs, Girl On The Contrary. With his permission I repost a comment that encapsulates a nagging question I’ve always had about the TV series “Grizzly Adams.” Anthropomorphism –  strange, innit?

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“I blame the TV show ‘Grizzly Adams’ for an entire generation of well meaning (yet clueless) urban dwellers being unexpectedly ambushed by wildlife. In the show, a reclusive mountain man made friends with all the wildlife because they could ‘sense’ that he meant them no harm. His best friend was a giant grizzly bear.

Grizzly Adams always seemed to have a pot of tasty stew bubbling over the fire, though, that he would offer the occasional (every week) guest star that would wander by. They would eat the stew and marvel at his oneness with nature. Oh, if we could all only follow his example and live peacefully with all God’s creatures…

Makes one wonder how Mr. Adams got the meat for his stew and the buckskin/furs for his clothing when the cameras weren’t rolling.

One Comment on “Grizzly Adams mystery”

  1. Tamyra says:

    Hmm I wonder, no wait I have a really good idea where the meat from the stew came from and the hides too. I didn’t spend all those years helping my folks clean chickens and cut up venison pork and beef , not to mention skin those muskrats and not figure THAT out. Amazing how much can happen off camera!

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