The Battle of the Kilt! Hoots mon!
High school senior in St Louis is told he can’t wear his formal kilt to the prom. He states that the principal told him the school wants to promote men “dressing like men.” Principal denies it, but at least one other student corroborates the story. There follows a significant turnout of support by the St Louis Scots community.
I believe that if they were discussing the traditional garb of some other nationality, there would have been all sorts of accommodation for this. And that’s as it should be. But I’d like to see this principal tell Sean Connery or Billy Connolly or Craig Ferguson that they aren’t “dressing like men.” Och, but wha’s fur ye won’t get by ye.

A Scot Across the Pond

It was a battle lasting just a few days in the St. Louis, USA, area, and it probably won’t go down in the annuls of Scottish history. But for the Scottish community in St. Louis, and the thousands of people who join with us throughout the year to celebrate the many profound connections between America and Scotland, it was an opportunity to stand for Scotland and to stand with a fellow Scot.

Many people from around the world have been following this skirmish, and many of them took action with e-mails and phone calls. Here’s a full summary of what happened.

On March 17, a student at Granite City High School, just outside St. Louis, USA, posted on his Facebook page that “I was denied wearing my kilt to prom because they want to teach the men to dress like men. That is what I was told. I’m very upset.”


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  1. Tamyra says:

    What is it with people? To stick by such a narrow minded decision about what a kid can wear to a dance ? Good grief, you’d think the sixties hadn’t even happened! Personally I am all for kilts on men, they are about as masculine and attractive as men’s wear gets. My nephew recently joined a pipe and drum corps, they wear the Black Watch. He made his mom promise not to post any pictures or send them through email though, I’m guessing he has knee issues.

    • scottmac56 says:

      That’s cool about your nephew. Of all the things for the school board to get their undies in a twist over! I went to my senior prom 38 years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, and I con’t recall any expectation that we would wear classy and demure apparel. (Well, maybe from my mom.) I can only imagine it’s only gotten less classy and demure since then. I suspect this kid is being singled out for some reason.

      • Tamyra says:

        Oh I’m sure the kid has past issues with the powers that be or they probably wouldn’t even have known about his plan, the thing is, Prom is supposed to be fun. To make that kind of issue is just plain silly and the kid probably got more of what he was trying to achieve by that dumb principal making his fuss, then he would have if he had worn the kilt, twirled so hard his whatsits showed and got hauled out by his ear which was probably what the principal was afraid of and possibly what the kid was thinking.

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