Further proof that we do, indeed, live in Bizarro World.

Image from madmikesamerica.com

Hank Williams Jr. compares President Obama to Hitler on a radio talk show. Result: a standing ovation at the Country Music Awards.

Ted Nugent tells the NRA convention that he will either be in jail or dead if Obama is re-elected, and says he hopes Obama’s teleprompters are bulletproof. Result: no consequences, people defending his “free speech rights.”

The Dixie Chicks announce from a concert stage in England that they are not proud to be from the same state as President George W. Bush. Result: physical threats, banned from radio stations, records burned in the streets.

Bizarro World.

2 Comments on “Further proof that we do, indeed, live in Bizarro World.”

  1. Tamyra says:

    The summer of 2008 there seemed to be a theme of people dressing up to look like Obama by putting a target on their backs. I thought that was tasteless and stupid and so are Ted Nugent. and hank Williams Jr.

  2. […] commented on The Nuge and his ignorant blather previously and previously. But this time it seems like he’s just begging for another visit from the Secret Service. […]

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