Desert Island Discs: “Summertime Dream” by Gordon Lightfoot (1976)

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“You are always going to love the music you were listening to when you first got laid.” – Chris Rock

Say no more.

“When you wake up to the promise of your dream world coming true.”

“Learnin’ about all the good things in the world, worth believin’.”

“When you’re down in the dumps and not ready to deal, decide what it is that you need. Is it money or love? Is it learning to live? Or is it the mouth you must feed?”

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6 Comments on “Desert Island Discs: “Summertime Dream” by Gordon Lightfoot (1976)”

  1. Tamyra says:

    There was a TV show back when I was single about the islands off the coast of Scotland where there were getting to be a lot of lonely men who seemed to all sing just like Gordon Lightfoot, I almost emigrated.

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  3. […] Gordon Lightfoot opened the halftime. He sang his legendary “Canadian Railroad Trilogy,” and was enthusiastically cheered. […]

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