Another bulletin from Bizarro World: Ted Nugent wonders if it would have been better if the South won the Civil War

Shouldn’t he and Michele Bachmann just go get a room somewhere?!

Mitt Romney surrogate and entertainer-turned-conservative-activist Ted Nugent cranked his political volume knob back up this week, penning an op-ed suggesting the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare served as evidence that the United States would have been better off if “the South won the Civil War.”

In a column for the Washington Times, Nugent blasted Chief Justice John Roberts for his “traitor vote,” writing that Roberts “squandered the opportunity to restore judicial, financial and legislative sanity to a government that by any sane person’s standards is insane and addicted to centralized federal control of our lives.”

According to Nugent, the alleged trends of growing federal power and undermining states’ rights began when the North won the Civil War — a historical event that he appears to lament.

(Fueled with comments from my friends at Democratic Underground.)

For starters, Nuge, completely overlooking the obvious impact on African-Americans:

It’s quite likely that had the South won the Civil War, neither the CSA nor the USA would have had the industrial might to defeat the Axis during World War Two.  Likely also that one side would have become allies with the Axis, just to piss off the other side.

The Russians would probably be in Alaska as the USA couldn’t have afforded the purchase. Tell that to your friend Caribou Barbie.

We couldn’t have gone to war with Spain; therefore no Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Guam.

The North would probably have lost Washington DC and Maryland. Eventually they would have recovered and prospered, fed by the newly opened lands in the West and benefiting from the influx of escaped slaves with many useful skills.

The South likely would not have survived as an independent country.  It would have been torn apart by racial warfare, and Texas likely would have seceded and become an independent state again.   Economically the South would have been way worse off, lacking the industrial capacity of the North and drained by a weak currency and the cost of internal warfare.  Slavery and racial warfare would have caused England and France to turn their backs on the South.  Blacks would have fled in droves to the North, creating severe labor shortages which would have further weakened the agricultural economy.

By the early twentieth century it is likely that wealthier and more progressive Southern states such as Virginia and Maryland, as well as most of the other border states, would likely have petitioned the United States for reentry into the Union.

Yeah, Nuge, it woulda RAWWWWWKKKKKED.

PS: Nuge is from Detroit City. Yeah, he’s about as Southern as I am.

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