Central air conditioner has been on the blink at my house for a week now.

Image from how-sal-cs-it.blogspot.com

It’s hot and muggy. The AC guy I trust has been swamped with calls, but thinks he can get back here tomorrow to give it another look.

In the meantime my sister Colleen loaned me a spare window unit which I installed in the living room. Sleeping on the couch, instead of the beastly hot upstairs master bedroom. Guys like to sleep on the couch; it’s like camping.

Many, many people have taken great pleasure in reminding me how often I say that I like it hot, that I’d rather bake to death then freeze to death. Hey, that’s still true. I do like it hot. But not everyone wants to visit a hot muggy house. And it would have been awful here for Sampson this week. So with luck the AC guy can come by and work his magic. Fingers crossed. Rant over.


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