Don’t stay where you’re not wanted.

Don’t be afraid to leave situations, places, and people who don’t welcome you; who don’t cherish you. Don’t stay where you’re not wanted. Leave and let go. You can’t force anyone to love you or want you in life. When you leave, “shake the dust off your feet.” That’s right – don’t leave any residue or trace of them in your life any more. They are not worthy of you and the gifts you could have given them. And don’t feel guilty. They rejected you. Leave in peace. – Heidi Helen

Another lesson learned (or re-learned). A man does not return to a place where he’s been told he’s not wanted. This is the behavior of a little lost puppy. Even if it gets the little lost puppy a bit of what he wants, the puppy has to whimper and degrade himself to get it. A man has the integrity, dignity, and self-respect to not act in a degrading way.

That is all.

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