Three Best Power-Pop Songs, Ev-ahhhhhhhhh

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(Background reading: Power-pop rules.)

My Facebook pal Miss Klaatu recently posted a thread on her FB page. Since she knows many, many peeps in the power-pop universe, she posed the question: what is the best power-pop song of all time? Needless to say, hundreds of songs were nominated. It also led to some spirited debates, e.g., can Styx be considered power-pop? (My 2¢ worth: not just no, but HELL no.)

Myself I nominated about a dozen songs till Miss K gently asked me to cease. But I knew I would need more than one choice. So after significant pondering, here’s my noms for the Top Three Power-Pop Songs Of All Time. Discuss.

#3: “I’m On Fire” by the Dwight Twilley Band (1975)

#2: “I’ve Been Waiting” by Matthew Sweet (1991)

#1: “Have You Ever Been Torn Apart?” by The Spongetones (1984)

4 Comments on “Three Best Power-Pop Songs, Ev-ahhhhhhhhh”

  1. Wayne Hallett says:

    All 3 you’ve chosen are among my alltime favorites. But, just slightly behind September Gurls-Big Star…Go All The Way-Raspberries….Password-Cotton Mather…No Matter What-Badfinger….You Can Run-Shake Shakes.

    • scottmac56 says:

      Yup. Sound choices, dude.

      • Bill Sammon says:

        SOOOOOOO many excellent choices. I’m good with #3 and #2. #1? I’d nominate “Tonight” by The Raspberries. Because every Power Pop song MUST include the word ‘tonight’. But if we expanded it to a Top 5, I’d throw in “September Gurls” and “Shake Some Action”, “My Sharona” by The Knack and “New Age Girl” by Deadeye Dick are somewhere between 6 and 10. Plus, any number of early Who tracks.

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