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From a brilliant Facebook page by Shane Kennedy called “Right Off A Cliff.” Cut and pasted verbatim.

Ha! People here saying Obama is ‘too Liberal’, when half of the Dems called him ‘too middle of the road’ during his campaign four years ago…

As well as claiming every person that receives family assistance is a lazy piece of shit.

Let me inform you numbskulls as to why these programs are in place. Five years ago my wife passed away as a result of a 1 in 3 million auto-immune disorder. Leaving me to raise our then 3 yr old child. I had to leave a great job making near six figures due to a lack of hours of availability as a single parent. We received EBT benefits, and Medicaid. After five years of bouncing from one employer to another, I have finally found an employer willing to work with MY schedule as to allow me to work full time, and sign on to the companies insurance.

These programs are intended for when life kicks us in the nuts, and we need a hand back to our feet. If your intention is to vote Republican, and effectively cut these programs in todays struggling economy, you had better pray to God nothing happens to you that may require you needing a helping hand.

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