I may have just found my calling in life.

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From Wikipedia:

Smoke’s Poutinerie is a Canadian nation-wide poutine franchise, founded by entrepreneur Ryan Smolkin. It is the first poutine-exclusive restaurant in Toronto.

Founded in Toronto in 2008, the restaurant is named after owner Smolkin. He was inspired by Montreal restaurant La Banquise, which serves many different kinds of poutine and is open 24 hours. Smolkin frequents La Banquise whenever he visits Montreal.

The restaurant offers over 22 different kinds of poutine and has locations in Toronto, London, Guelph, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Mont-Tremblant, Halifax, Montreal, and St. John’s; and new franchises in the works in Hamilton, Waterloo, Kingston, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Whistler.

From their website:

3 Comments on “I may have just found my calling in life.”

  1. tamyrad says:

    I still remember the horrified feeling I got the first time I had to pour gravy over a plate of french fries, I don’t know what I would have done had they asked for cheese on it too, But enjoy! I probably would like poutine if I ever dare try it, but frankly, it is about the last sort of thing I need to eat , even if it is practically health food 🙂

  2. […] week over the past six months. Not sure if it’s because I banged on about Nova Scotia, or poutine, or The Rankin Family, or Corner Gas, or Gordon Lightfoot. No matter the reason, you’re quite […]

  3. […] gone on about poutine here before (at the very end of the posting). Once I even wondered if it was my life’s calling. Poutine is one of the simplest, yet greatest combination of food ingredients ever devised by human […]

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