Regarding music on this blog: Disclaimer

I post a lot of music on this site. I’m reasonably confident that doing so qualifies as “fair use.” I don’t receive a penny of financial benefit from doing so. It’s music I love and that I can’t wait to share. Hey, I’m a radio guy and that’s how we roll. (The good ones, anyway.)

But I read a disclaimer on an awesome blog called BB Chronicles. It nicely sums up my stance on music posting. I copped it and tweaked it, but as you see with proper attribution. Take this as a given and a “standing understanding” whenever you see a video clip or a link to a song on this site:

This site respects and supports artists and artist rights. Please support the artists by purchasing their officially released music through conventional channels.

The music files, information, and downloads linked here are meant to supplement (and not replace) the currently available official releases for fans that want to explore deeper into an artist’s repertoire. The music linked here is presented for sampling and evaluation purposes. By all means, if you enjoy the music from any artists represented here, please buy their official releases. All video files linked here are freely available elsewhere on the Internet. I hope you find new music to enjoy here.

If any artists or representatives of the artists object to anything I have posted here, please send me an email letting me know and I will promptly remove it. I only request that you contact me directly rather than pursuing any DMCA notification or legal action.

Are we good? Okay, then, on with the show.

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