I put a “tip jar” on my sidebar.

Looks just like this: 

Tacky? Maybe, I dunno. Bad form? Possibly. Annoying? Geez, I hope not. Over the years I’ve ponied up a few bucks in tip jars for a number of blogs I’ve really enjoyed. I figure that if I met the blogger in person, I’d want to treat him or her to a beer (or their libation of choice) to say thanks. This is kind of like doing that.

The proceeds aren’t going to some exotic charity like “Save The Unicorns” or “Teh Dyslexic Fnud.” No, this is good old-fashioned Gordon Gekko greed. There are home repairs I must make before the Minnesota winter sets in, and everything I spend on that gets diverted from my upcoming Vision Quest. Filthy avarice, pure and simple.

But I’ll hoist a Pop Shoppe beverage in your honor in Cape Breton, I’ll post updates from the road, and I won’t freeze this winter.

Image from smartcanucks.ca

Pledge Drive Premium: If you hit the tip jar before October, and PayPal allows you to post your mailing address, and you feel safe to do it, go for it. (I promise I won’t sell you to a mailing list.) And I’ll mail you a witty, side-splittingly hilarious postcard all the way from Nova Scotia. Via reliable Canada Post, eh. Suitable for framing. After October, well, I’ll think of something else.

No pressure. We’ll still be friends, no matter what. But if you find this blog entertaining and thought-provoking, you’ll have my sincere, eternal, undying thanks if you hit the tip jar. Plus a Canadian post card. Beauty.

(We now return you to our regularly-scheduled nonsense.)

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