Why won’t the GOP showcase Dubya at their convention?

Our last elected GOP president? Twice, for crissakes? President during 9/11? Wartime president? “Mission Accomplished” on the aircraft carrier? Mastermind of all those dandy tax cuts for the “job creators”? (snerk)

You’d think they’d roll out a red carpet for him, with ballerinas strewing rose petals in his path. Right? Instead, he’s “The Man Who Never Was.” He’s Kryptonite to the GOP.

Why isn’t the Republican Party proud of their last President? And all his achievements? Why don’t they want to showcase how well all his policies worked? Why don’t they like Bush if all his stuff worked so great?

The Democrats have invited Bill Clinton, and are showcasing him as a keynote speaker.

The GOP has two 800-pound gorillas in the room. One gorilla is that they’re in denial over their failed policies. The other gorilla is that, if they acknowledge those failures, the rich donors will stop writing checks.

I feel a little sorry for Dubya. I wonder how many more years have to pass before he’ll be welcome at a convention again. It must suck when your party pretends you weren’t President for eight years.

2 Comments on “Why won’t the GOP showcase Dubya at their convention?”

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