So you built that business all by yourself, did you? Okay..

(Inspired by The Velveteen Ocelot, a poster on Democratic Underground.)

If your place of business caught fire, who would put it out? Can you afford to employ your own firefighters?

If someone broke into your business, who would investigate the crime, catch the criminals, prosecute them, conduct a trial, and send them to prison? If the government did not supply police, prosecutors, and courts, who would? And if they didn’t exist, how would you protect your business from crime?

If some other business fails to pay your bill, or doesn’t perform a contract, or commits an act of fraud that costs you money, how would you handle that if there was no court system?

Where did the streets and roads come from that make it possible for your customers to get to your business? If the government had not built those roads, how would they get there? Can you afford to build your own roads?

Who educated you and your employees? Did you go to a private school? If you went to college, did that college get federal funds? Did you take out a federally-guaranteed student loan? If your business employs people with particular skills, where did those people learn those skills?

If your business involves the production or sale of goods, how are those goods distributed? Do they travel by truck on federal highways? Are they flown to and from airports owned and operated by municipal or other governments? If you ever travel for business, who inspects the airplanes to be sure they are safe? Who controls air traffic to be sure planes don’t collide with each other?

If you had to hire private entities and pay them for all of these services, would you be able to maintain your business at all?

Do any of your customers earn their living in jobs paid for by tax dollars? Police officers, fire fighters, teachers, military? Do any of them earn their living by selling their products and services to the government (like private contractors)? How would business be without them?

What happens if no one buys your goods or services? Will the wealthy 1% come and buy your goods and services, since there will be no middle class that can afford anything? Will Donald Trump come and bail you out?

But take heart. You could move your business to a country that has no regulations to speak of, no taxes, and almost nothing by way of a functioning government – that being Somalia – and just see how well it does there.


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