Review: Duke’s Québec-style Poutine at the Minnesota State Fair

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Today is the last day of the Great Minnesota Get-Together, and if you are planning to go today you owe it to yourself to try Duke’s Québec-style Poutine. Their stand is kitty-corner from the Coliseum, right next to All The Milk You Can Drink For $1. (Last time I was at the fair it was All The Milk You Can Drink For 25¢. I gotta get out more.)

My review:

Served quickly by a friendly smiling young’un, despite the noon-hour rush of customers. The fries are perfectly-sized: bigger than McDonalds’ skinny little fries, but not quite as thick as steak fries. The gravy seems to be beef-based, lightly salty, and flavorful. The cheese curds are fresh, and squeaked like they were supposed to between my teeth.

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The top of the bowl was good, but as I worked my way down it became AWESOME. The gravy and fries perfectly melted the cheese curds, and about halfway through the bowl became an absolutely flawless blend of ingredients. I tucked into the bowl, and seriously contemplated getting a second helping, but we had to move along.

Grade: A+. Well done, Duke; well done.

Again, if you’re heading off to the State Fair for its final day today, do yourself a favor and save room for something NOT served on a stick: Duke’s Québec-style Poutine.

You’re welcome.

2 Comments on “Review: Duke’s Québec-style Poutine at the Minnesota State Fair”

  1. tamyrad says:

    It sounds wonderful, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have been out at my folks,helping eat the pre funeral feast. We brought my dad home so he could go “live with Jesus” and neighbors and family members have been bringing food already. He can barely eat anything, but I’d bet he’d try a bite of poutine if we had some available.

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