Desert Island Singles: “Happy Hour” by The Housemartins (1986)

Image from capasdeculpo,blogspot,com

When the band enters the pub doing John Cleese as The Minister Of Silly Walks, you know they’re a bunch of geeks like the rest of us. Geek rock rules. Impossible to be down when this song is on.

Bought “London 0 Hull 4,” the album this is on, on the strength of hearing it in-store. It became one of my favorites. This happens to me a lot.

The Housemartins were a deceptively poppy band who heavily laced their songs with progressive political messages. Gained them some friends and some enemies.

Bonus Housemartins: my favorite song by them, “I Can’t Put My Finger On It,” along with “Anxious.” My brother Mike’s band, Joey’s Big Head, used to play “I Can’t Put My Finger On It.”

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