Is it possible that Romney’s only a pawn?

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No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up. – Lily Tomlin

Is it possible that the GOP really has no desire to win the White House this time around? That Mittens is just a distraction, a sacrificial pawn to allow the Repos to focus on keeping the House, retaking the Senate, and adding more state houses? Recent developments certainly suggest that.

I’ve believed all along that it doesn’t look like the GOP is playing their A-team this time. I thought the plan was to concede the White House in ’12, wait for Obama to improve the economy (which a second term will allow him to do), then count on Americans’ short memories and run Jeb Bush in ’16. But it’s looking more and more like their endgame may come sooner.

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This of course precludes the very real possibility of voter fraud. It’s quite possible that the Repos are running Romney/Ryan and giving them free rein, because the election’s already in the bag. 2000 and hanging chads all over again. Underestimate Rove, Adelson, and the Koch brothers at your own peril.

No matter what parts of the above, if any, are true: this is no time for complacency. Don’t get distracted by what’s going on at the top of the ticket.

Your thoughts?

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