Hey, Wisconsin! What do you think of unions now?!

Image from zipmeme.com

From the HuffPo:

By way of one of the most bizarre calls that you’ll ever see in an NFL game, the Seattle Seahawks have defeated the Green Bay Packers, 14-12, on “Monday Night Football.”

With the Seahawks trailing 12-7 and down to their final play, quarterback Russell Wilson heaved a desperation pass toward the end zone. Green Bay safety M.D. Jennings rose highest and seemed to secure the ball, but Seahawks receiver Golden Tate managed to get his hands around the ball as well. One referee raised his arms to signal touchdown while another official waved his arms, seemingly signaling a touchback (by way of an interception). After review, one of the initial calls on the field was upheld… SEAHAWKS TOUCHDOWN!

(Copped the following from Louis C at Democratic Underground. With some of my own embellishments.)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a union buster. So are the owners in the NFL.

Let’s just review what this job action is about. The NFL refs are not on strike: they are locked out. That’s a big difference.

They don’t want anything more than they have: they just don’t want to lose what they already have, and have been promised through the years.

The NFL makes billions, and their brand hinges on the integrity of the game. The refs safeguard that integrity, and providing a pension is a small cost for securing it.

Now you can see how important experience and competence is at such a high-level, high-pressure job.

Last night’s game was just an example of what football fans from all over America are going through.

(Similarly, at the Metrodome on Sunday, the refs nearly cost our Minnesota Vikings the game when they lost track of how many time-outs San Francisco had left. Forty-Niners coach Jim Harbaugh took advantage of the confusion, and got his team two extra time-outs and two extra chances to challenge calls.)

Now, I know that 35% of my union brothers and sisters voted for Scott Walker in his recall. I know that was more than the margin of victory.

I also know that if Scott Walker was removed from office, it would have had no bearing on last night’s game.

However, the dispute between the NFL owners and the NFL refs is a perfect example of a very rich corporation that makes billions, and doesn’t want to share a small portion of that profit with some of those that are responsible for helping to create that profit.

Last night, that point was brought home vividly to the people of Wisconsin, and the irony should not be lost on anyone.

(And as a bonus bit of irony: the Packers are a publicly-owned team. The only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the US. The Packer backers did this to themselves. Just sayin’.)

(And as a bonus bonus bit of irony: Walker is now insisting that the unionized NFL officials return! From ThinkProgress:)

Union-Busting GOP Governor Scott Walker Demands Return Of Unionized NFL Referees

Walker’s sudden support of union labor is surprising, given his push for a radical union-busting law that effectively ended collective bargaining for many of Wisconsin’s public employees. The law, which Walker and his fellow Republicans pitched as necessary to fix Wisconsin’s budget before admitting that it was the “first step” in an anti-union strategy, was so unpopular that it led to massive protests outside the state capitol in Madison and recall elections against Walker and six Republicans in the state senate.

Multiple Packers players, incidentally, urged Wisconsinites to vote against Walker in the recall. And while Walker decries the scab officials who replaced union labor on the football field, he doesn’t hold himself to the same standard: after his union-busting law went into effect, union workers were replaced with prison labor.

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