Look what happens when you get a hug from President Obama.

Okay, this one gets to me. Riley Minich of Fremont, Ohio, overcome with emotion after hugging President Barack Obama. Bowling Green, Ohio, September 26th.

From the blog the Obama diary. Just too cool for words, so let the pictures talk. I must have allergies, because my eyes are starting to water. Allergies, that’s the ticket.

My President RAWKS. You say different? Bring it.

5 Comments on “Look what happens when you get a hug from President Obama.”

  1. […] about it here. Damn allergies. My eyes are tearing up again. Just like last time. “The President and Vice President have gone above and beyond for people like me and my […]

  2. Cora Minich says:

    I found your site while scanning through the countless number of people who shared our daughter’s pictures. So, first of all, thanks for sharing!:) Riley has been a volunteer for the President’s re-election campaign since March and between her work for him, her job, and school, our 16 year of puts in about 60 hours a week. If you liked the pictures you’ll enjoy the video of it on youtube, just search her name. Thanks again!

  3. Cora Minich says:

    p.s. Her shirt said, “Too young to vote, old enough to volunteer.”

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