Rockin’ the 902: The afterparty is where it’s at.

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I’m currently staying at St. Ann’s Motel, “A View With A Room.” A five-minute stroll up the hill from me is the Gaelic College, one of the main hubs of the Celtic Colours festival. One of the festival’s traditions is an afterparty, referred to as “The Festival Club.” Musicians from the festival take the stage, very often joined by those who have just finished performing at one of the other festival venues.

Music gets rolling at about 11 pm. Last night, the opening night of the festival, the music didn’t stop till 3 am. Wasn’t that a time, as the song goes.

Amazing, innovative musicians. One performer played the fiddle parts of several Gaelic tunes on the steel drums.

Being a good rule-following Minnesotan, I asked at the door whether taking photos would be okay. No, I was told. Dutifully I put my camera back in my car. About half way though the session I noted that (a) lots of people were snapping pics, and (b) no one was doing anything about it. I guess it’s easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission. So I retrieved my camera and took some shots from the second half of the show.

Eight more nights of this, along with the regularly-scheduled concerts. Man. This rocks.

4 Comments on “Rockin’ the 902: The afterparty is where it’s at.”

  1. Oh god Scott, have FUN!!!

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