Rockin’ the 902: If I stopped to take a picture of every awesome thing here, I’d never get ANYWHERE

Seriously. This place is unbelievable. Pictures do not do it justice.

The trail along most of the upper part of the island is called the Cabot Trail. It circles most of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Ocean everywhere, and mountains, and endless trails. They recommend you take three to four days to see it all; I don’t think that’s even possible.

They’ve gotten a bit crabbier about taking pics at the music venues. Still, I recognize my responsibility as your eyes and ears at the festival. So I will do what I can. You’re welcome.

The Chaisson Family

Rocky Shore – The two gents in the middle made almost all of these instruments

Fiddlers’ Bid – Brought down the house

Acts I couldn’t get pics of but that you really should Google search: The Outside Track, Donna-Marie DeWolfe, Sprag Session, Crowdis Bridge, The Dardenelles, and Nuala Kennedy And Oiralla.

Whale watching, maybe, tomorrow. Keep yer fingers crossed.

2 Comments on “Rockin’ the 902: If I stopped to take a picture of every awesome thing here, I’d never get ANYWHERE”

  1. Beautiful pictures. Will take a listen to the music tomorrow. Good luck whale watching.

  2. […] central town on Bras D’Or is Baddeck, also one of the main entry points to the Cabot Trail. Alexander Graham Bell and his wife Mabel made their summer home in Baddeck and eventually retired […]

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