Rockin’ the 902: An early (earlier) night tonight.

Thank god. I’m not a young’un anymore.

Rachel Davis *sigh*

They’ve gotten really crabby about unauthorized pics at the Festival Club now.  I have had to recycle pics. Another great set from Rachel Davis. I told her I blogged about her being the best damn fiddle player I’ve heard in years. She asked me if I was drunk when I wrote that? Nope, I said, I never BWI.

Outside Track

Also appearing: The Outside Track.  Way over on the far left holding the fiddle  is Mairi Rankin, daughter of John Morris and niece to the rest of the Rankin Family.

This is the third time I’ve heard them so far this week, and they are amazingly talented. Norah Rendall (flute and whistle) lives in Saint Paul, so they play in Minnesota often. This is their best song, called “The Body Parts Set,” from a Saint Paul gig with Ivonne Hernandez subbing for Mairi that night.

Whale watching may not be a go this trip. This is literally the last week of the season, and it’s been rainy and windy, and the captains can’t afford to go out in a half-empty boat. Well, if that doesn’t work I’ve been told that one of the trails in the national park is pretty good for whale spotting. So we’ll see.

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