Rockin’ the 902: Chimney Corner

In love with a place?! Really?!

In the Margaree River Valley, just a short drive west of the Cabot Trail, lies a secluded little spot called Chimney Corner.

This is the choice of local folks not only because of its sheer size, but also its privacy from the road. This gorgeous, clean beach is cradled in a cove, and offers safe swimming with long shallow water areas and great views. It also offers a clean, shallow, fresh water stream which crosses the beach and empties into the Gulf; kids love playing in and around it. There’s Rocky Point to be explored, even in bare feet; the path has been worn smooth by generations of curious traffic. Cape Bretoners travel from Baddeck and Sydney to enjoy Chimney Corner’s perfection. –

It was a cloudy, windy October day when I stopped there. But now I’m in love with the place. This is the beach of my dreams. If I lived on Cape Breton, I think I’d be here all the time.

3 Comments on “Rockin’ the 902: Chimney Corner”

  1. Connie Butt-Cormier says:

    Thanks for this! Going back to Cape Breton after a long absence and looking forward to being on this particular beach. When I lived there, I WAS there all the time. My kids loved it as much as I did and now, I will be enjoying it with a Grandchild (and his Mom) lol. This is a very special place in our hearts and memories.

    • scottmac56 says:

      Awesome, Connie! I’ve been to CB twice in recent years, and fell in love with the place. I’ll return there this fall, and many years to come, for Celtic Colours. Even though I was there on a kind-of grey autumn day, Chimney Corner was a restorative place for me that I plan to see again. Cheers –

  2. […] a cheesy Disney movie. But on Sunday I revisited my favorite place (so far) on Cape Breton Island: Chimney Corner. Did a little more climbing this […]

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