Desert Island Singles: “MMMBop” by Hanson (1997)

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My nephew Matt, who’s forgotten more great songs than I will ever know, will disown me when he reads this. But, dammit, this is one hell of a power pop song. Matt was 14 and a big fan of Weird Al at the time this was all.. over.. the.. radio.. all.. the.. time, so I suppose he’d earned the right to dislike it.

But I dig it. It’s impossible not to sing along. And the brothers were wise beyond their years. You only get so many chances at a relationship in this life; maybe one or two will last, and even those can start and end in an MMMBop. The message here is to cultivate many friendships and meaningful relationships, because you cannot trust your ability to predict who will be there when you need them. It’s a secret no one knows. A sad song with happy music.

Can you tell me?
You say you can but you don’t know
Can you tell me
Which flower’s going to grow?

Okay, time to sing along.

PS – Hanson is the anti-Bieber.

2 Comments on “Desert Island Singles: “MMMBop” by Hanson (1997)”

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