Yeah, this is what I’m talking about.

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Nordstrom stores continue their long-standing tradition of not posting any Christmas decorations or starting any Christmas promotions until after Thanksgiving.

I rarely shop at Nordstrom because I rarely visit Mall Of America. But I’m spreading the word. We need more of this. The holiday creep is getting worse and worse every year. I bought my Halloween candy in a store where Christmas carols were wafting out over the loudspeakers.

One Comment on “Yeah, this is what I’m talking about.”

  1. […] Apparently I’m not alone. How thankful I am for the magic of the interwebs, where I’ve tumbled onto a great number of like-minded peeps. (Kind of like the little Bee Girl at the end of the “No Rain” video by Blind Melon. But much less cute.)  And Nordstrom stores have the right idea. […]

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