Song of the night: “You Were On My Mind” by Jamie Hoover

Jamie Hoover is a founding member of The Spongetones, and one hell of a talented musician. “You Were On My Mind” was written by Sylvia Tyson of the legendary Canadian folk duo Ian and Sylvia. The duo recorded it in 1964, and California folk-rock group The We Five re-recorded it in 1965. Their version went to #3 on the Billboard chart that fall. Many singers and bands have covered it over the years, but I do believe Jamie owns it now.

That said, I always thought 10,000 Maniacs should have covered this one.

One Comment on “Song of the night: “You Were On My Mind” by Jamie Hoover”

  1. […] I’ve gone on about The Spongetones and their amazing first album “Beat And Torn” at length here already. This is my favorite song from their second album, 1991’s “Oh Yeah!” Written and sung by Jamie Hoover. […]

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