Another reason I like Canadians.

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Yesterday the Canadian Football League played its 100th championship game, The Grey Cup. Toronto was the host city, and the hometown Toronto Argonauts defeated the Calgary Stampeders 35-22.

But here’s the newest reason I like Canadians. Like the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup showcases big-name artists for its halftime show. And being Canadian, naturally, they showcase Canadian performers. Sunday’s halftime show featured two Ontarians.

Gordon Lightfoot opened the halftime. He sang his legendary “Canadian Railroad Trilogy,” and was enthusiastically cheered.

Then Justin Bieber hit the stage. And was booed. And booed. And booed.

Say what you will about the CFL: its fans appreciate true talent when they see it. And as one fan’s sign read: “CFL. 100 years – zero lockouts.”

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