Remember, a while back, when I wished for a Way-Back Machine?

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That hasn’t changed. I still could use one. Paradoxically, though, I’m now wishing I had a fast-forward button.

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large — I contain multitudes.” – Walt Whitman

Yeah, yeah, I know Adam Sandler starred in a movie about this. (Disclaimer: I don’t like Adam Sandler. I’ve only ever seen him in one sketch I thought was funny or good, back when he was on SNL.)  The movie’s touching sentimental (sappy) life lesson was that life is, supposedly, as much about the moments we’d rather forget as it is the moments we will always want to remember. “The End” and roll credits.

An acquaintance used to chide me because she noticed that, when I pick up a book, I glance at the middle pages and the end before I read it. It doesn’t matter to me, because I never pick up enough “spoilers” to wreck the experience.

I guess I’m blessed with a short memory. And you know what else? I’m blessed with a short memory.

Here’s the deal: Some things in my life are taking too damn long. I just want a quick glimpse ahead to determine if the outcome will be worth tolerating the bullshit. If it is, I might elect to skip forward past the annoying stuff. Or I might just stay on the path, with the knowledge that tolerating the bullshit might make the eventual outcome more satisfying. Having that option certainly would make life easier.

But to quote Susie Derkins from “Calvin and Hobbes“:

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2 Comments on “Remember, a while back, when I wished for a Way-Back Machine?”

  1. Didn’t Dan Quayle say something like the future will be better tomorrow. Oh, and screw Patience is a Virtue. Just sayin…….

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