Black Bean, Chicken, and Mango Stew.

Image from poorgirleatswell.comThis is Kimberly's pic. Mine didn't look this good, but man, did it ever taste good.

Image from This is Kimberly’s pic. Mine didn’t look this good, but man, did it ever taste good.

More synchronicity in action. Yesterday I tumbled onto an awesome blog called Poor Girl Eats Well, hosted by Kimberly Morales. She describes herself as having champagne tastes on a Two-Buck Chuck budget. Well, substitute craft-brew tastes on a PBR budget and we’re pretty much on the same wavelength.

Today I followed one of Kimberly’s recipes and made Black Bean, Chicken, and Mango Stew. Man o man, this is good. The sweetness of the mango melds astonishingly well with the cumin and cayenne. Believe me when I tell you that finding a mango in East Central Minnesota was no mean feat. Worth it, though.

I even got some questions answered via email from Kimberly herownself, which is quite awesome.

I seriously can’t believe I made this myself. Highest possible rating. Go to Kimberly’s website. NOM NOM NOM.

3 Comments on “Black Bean, Chicken, and Mango Stew.”

  1. I am intrigued…I shall have to try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] So I got inspired, mostly through the example of Kimberly from Poor Girl Eats Well. Yes, it’s true; I actually strayed from the recipe. (“Borrrnn to be wiiiiiiiillld….”) She introduced me to the amazing combination of mango, cumin, and cilantro. […]

  3. […] waxed rhapsodic about recipes by Kimberly A. Rosales, a/k/a Poor Girl Eats Well. Here and here, to be precise. After this one I don’t think I’ll ever follow anyone […]

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