Reblog: Comeuppance for Loudmouth CEOs

A great post from The Booman Tribune. One of those “whaddya-know-about-that” moments.

It turns out that people hate rich assholes who threaten to cut back employees’ hours so they can avoid taking responsibility for their health insurance. Who could have guessed that publicly ripping on ObamaCare would cause Olive Garden and Red Lobster to downgrade their quarterly profits outlook, or cause Papa John’s to beg for mercy and plead misunderstanding? It sounds like one large, loud-mouthed franchisee crippled Applebee’s whole brand.

I avoid corporate food because it’s bland and unimaginative. It looks like other people are avoiding it because they don’t like their politics. Whatever works. Buy local.

And some great comments:

What I will suggest is that, if people are in fact choosing to eat at restaurants or shop at stores that treat their employees decently and justly, they are rewarding good behavior on the part of those CEOs. That in turn rewards their employees.  If it happens on a large enough scale, that means those good CEOs will have to open more stores and restaurants and hire more employees; perhaps even hiring employees away from the CEOs who mistreat their workers. – massappeal

Since fast food is basically interchangeable, any marginal difference between one place and another can make a big difference; especially because it only means driving one more block, or going to another place in the food court. So, yeah, being a dick can hurt your business. – sabudabi

It’s really funny: these guys’ pizza, food, etc. aren’t even at the type of their respective industries. So when faced with paying to eat their crap or just not patronizing their establishments, people just choose to save their money and maybe go get something better owned by less idiotic people. – lamh31

Don’t care what they do, now that their side lost the election. I still refuse to ever patronize them ever again. When it counted, they showed their true colors; and now that they might lose some money, they want us all to ignore it? Sorry. My principles ain’t for sale, like theirs are it seems. – clif

And, as always, karma is a bitch. – boran2

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