But no. We don’t have a gun problem in America.

Let’s don’t make any rash judgments. They’re just tools. Like hammers. Only criminals do bad things with guns. And with more guns there is less gun violence. The price of freedom and all that. Just let me pull a few more slogans out of my ….

God help us all.

Fueled by comments today at Democratic Underground.

2 Comments on “But no. We don’t have a gun problem in America.”

  1. Eluria says:

    Wake up people and go against the gun lobby !

  2. scottmac56 says:

    I don’t give a fuck about right-wing, NRA talking points. I don’t fucking want to hear “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” or any other such fucking bullshit. 20 CHILDREN ARE DEAD. No one gives a fuck about your gun rights today. We’ve heard it. We know it. WE DON’T FUCKING CARE. This is not about your fucking pro-gun political opinions. It’s about 20 DEAD CHILDREN.

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