Christmas In Kentucky, Chapter IV: Halls decked

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Wherein I settle the hash of an Internet provider, prepare items for Christmas dinner, have a moment of inspiration at church, and whomp my relatives in a table game

Two relaxing days in a row. I don’t know if my system can stand it.

Spent most of the morning in intense negotiations with Mom’s Internet service provider. When the dust settled, I had her online with a nifty mobile broadband unit from Verizon. This is the clear deal. Once the contract runs out with my ISP, I’m going this route.

cottage 1

Shopping, gift-wrapping, cooking, baking. Quality time with Mom. My sister took this pic of the cottage.

Image from Facebook

Evening took us to Settle Memorial United Methodist Church for a candlelight service. I don’t care what anyone thinks about this: it always moves me when “Silent Night” is sung, lit with nothing but candles.

And from that moment of moving inspiration the family returned to open a few presents (the rest in the morning), followed by more bloodthirsty games of Aggravation. Yeah, Christmas Eve with Clan McKinney. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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