Christmas In Kentucky, Chapter IX: Be It Ever So Humble

Wherein miles are traveled, Santa is impersonated, and home is reached

Dawn broke bright and early and clear on Saturday. I was up and at ’em and on the road by eight-ish. Good roads, windy conditions. Nine to ten hours’ driving, mostly uninterrupted.

Soundtrack from today’s journey: multiple phone calls to and from various family members. I got to play Santa and deliver Kentucky gifts to nieces, nephews, and great niece (as well as other kinfolk). Made it back to Mora at just after six.

Every day can’t be a holiday, because then holidays would lose significance. We need holidays, but we need the non-holidays too. Home now as I write this. “Back to life, back to reality.” It feels like 100 years since I began this trip. It’s cold outside. I’m tired and a bit melancholy.  I miss being near Mom.

– –

Monday is the last day of 2012, to which I will happily bid farewell. But I got a mulligan for an early Christmas gift. So something is in store.

Every mountain has its faces that’d make you want to stop
On this so-unwelcome journey from the bottom to the top

Move along
I believe there’s something beautiful to see
Move along
I believe there’s something beautiful
Just waiting for you and me
– Great Big Sea

One Comment on “Christmas In Kentucky, Chapter IX: Be It Ever So Humble”

  1. So glad you’re still with us and all in one piece!

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