Reblog: Living With A Religious Junkie

Hi diddley-do, there, neighbors. Ned Flanders, by way of

A blogger named Dylan Morrison posted this in an awesome blog called The Prodigal Prophet. This post stirred up some vivid, cringing flashbacks as I recalled my early college phase of “religious” zealotry. Let’s just say that Jesus-freakiness doesn’t make college-age nerds any less nerdy, and can indeed make them even more so.

Well worth a read. Excerpts:

“In this post I’d like to explore some of the difficulties encountered in attempting to relate to an extremely zealous believer, whether within marriage, family circle or workplace. Let me say that the task isn’t an easy one, not easy at all. Perhaps this is why so many divorces eventually occur in marriages where either one of the partners suddenly finds religion, or finally admits to agnosticism.”

They tend to have a one-track mind. The believer sees absolutely everything through their version of Truth. Nothing is seen as having being or value in itself but is always hooked up to their God agenda. A walk in nature ends up with a pietistic sermon, rather than a wondrous encounter with snow-filled trees or melodious birdsong.”

They perceive themselves to be closer to God than the non-believer. Sinners saved by grace tend to quickly forget that grace, believing that their belief somehow makes them a bosom buddy of the Divine; a member of His ‘In Group.’ The non believer easily senses this us-them dichotomy even in the closest of families.”

“When I was on my mission for God all those decades ago, folk were hurt by my fiery psyche and I wasn’t even aware of it. Such is the blindness of the zealot in their attempt to save the world whilst ignoring the relational pain of those around them. Hell indeed for those hauled along for the heady religious ride.”


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