Song of the night: “Blues Is King” by Marshall Crenshaw

Blues is king
A beautiful thing
You just don’t know whenever
You’re done by the one you love

And the joke’s on you
If you don’t know it’s true
If you lose your dreams
You’ll know what I’m thinking of

Yeah, blues is king
So let it ring
Surrender, do
To the sound so real and true

And relax your mind
Go on, you’ll be fine
Surrender, do
‘Cause you’ll never displace it
So face it
Blues is king

As the sun descends
Rain begins
Everything in view
Is a dull shade of blue

And the traffic sounds
The lights uptown
Make a sad and uninviting
Scene to walk into

But the blue of the night
Everything in daylight
Don’t even begin
To be as blue
As the mood I’m in

You go out alone
On their way home
I’m wandering on
Remembering only
That I’m lonely and
Blues is king

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