Another gem from William Pitt.

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I’ve cited Will on this blog many, many times. Here and here and here and here.

Today he began a thread on Democratic Underground that is so spot-on, that resonates so thoroughly, that I wish I had written it myself. With propers to Will, here are the most meaningful portions.

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“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”Walt Whitman

You may have noticed an edge of irritability, or even outright hostility, in some recent posts of mine. This is the product of a compounding of issues that all boil down, for me, to a simple and unfortunate truth: I am incapable of functioning without at least a fragment of joy in my life, and that apparently stands me at odds with a great many people whom I would otherwise call allies.

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Far too many of those who populate this and other forums seem to function in an absolute void of joy. There is nothing that cannot be torn down, knocked over, insulted, denigrated, criticized, or pruned of even a single molecule of goodness or pleasure. Everything must come with its pound of flesh duly taken, weighed, and judged.

This is a world where it is virtually impossible to avoid being a hypocrite. I will be contradictory, because I am vast, and contain multitudes. And I strongly suggest you figure out a way to do the same, or you will wind up with an ulcer the size of a car battery, muttering to yourself in a corner and utterly useless to the world you seek to save.

As always, if my demand to find some joy in my daily life puts your nobility in peril, feel free to deploy the ignore function at your pleasure. Otherwise, know this: I will not be judged by those who make judgment their sole purpose for existing. It is above all else bottomlessly boring, and serves nothing other than the ego of the self-appointed judge.

Have a nice day.

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