Red Onion-Rosemary Marmalade. NOM NOM NOM.

red onion

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I’ve waxed rhapsodic about recipes by Kimberly A. Rosales, a/k/a Poor Girl Eats Well. Here and here, to be precise. After this one I don’t think I’ll ever follow anyone else’s recipes for as long as I live. Though, based on PGEW’s favorite ingredients, I’ll be screwed bigtime if my small town grocery store stops selling mango, cumin, and cilantro.

This may not actually be the best sandwich I’ve ever made, but if it isn’t I can’t remember another one that was. I’m not used to kale – we never had it growing up – but it adds a slight tartness to the sandwich. Just don’t put it in too soon, or else it’ll wilt and get mushy.

The real prize, though, is the red onion and rosemary marmalade. Man oh man, I could have eaten the whole bowl of this in one sitting. Balsamic vinegar is the ticket. Carmelizing the red onion is kind of a trick but the results are well worth it. Family and friends, I’m putting you on notice: I’ll be bringing this to every pot luck you invite me to from now on.

Here’s the recipe.  Note also that Kimberly has a cookbook coming out soon.

Warren Zevon once famously said that the secret of life is to enjoy every sandwich. Here’s one that will do the trick, Warren.


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