A greeting card I sent about 13 years ago

Image from tomserv0.blogspot.com

I think we should go bowling in Canada. That way, when we’re old, we can say, “Remember that time we went bowling in Canada?”

I found this birthday card in a store about 13 years ago. (The front is pictured, the inside reads simply “Happy Birthday.”) I nearly doubled over laughing, and ended up sending it to about five friends.

It was a Hallmark card, from their “Saturdays” sub-label. Hallmark’s website says that Saturdays is their “edgy humor” line. I don’t know how edgy it is, but it resonated with me and I still remember it 13 years later.

Apparently I’m not alone. I googled and found at least a dozen blog entries devoted to this exact same card.

The concept of bowling in Canada must resonate with a lot of people, and must tap in to something in all our psyches. Maybe it’s the idea of going somewhere else and sharing something ordinary, but fun, that we can all reminisce about years later. Little things like that are memorable, and bond friends.

Bowling in Canada sounds like a lot of fun right now. We should go.

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