I’ve never shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch.

Image from njnnetwork.com

They are perfectly entitled to make and sell any size clothing they choose. I could give a rat’s ass: I’ve never shopped in their stupid stores, and I’m certain that I never will.

Image from tumblr

Yeah. THIS guy is deciding who is and isn’t cool. Image from tumblr

The issue is the company’s stated reasons for making that choice. CEO Mike Jeffries was very clear about his company’s practices. Their goal is to cultivate a sense of coolness, like all clothing companies do. But he was clear that their strategy depends directly on there being rejects in the world: people who just aren’t good enough to cut it. Their business model relies upon their being “losers” in the world who aren’t worthy to work, let alone shop, in his stores. His business model thrives on exclusionary and dehumanizing attitudes.

Such an outlook may be inevitable, especially among the adolescents to whom A&F markets. But encouraging and celebrating that attitude is grotesque, and it is going to be shamed. Today’s world is one of social media, and people start movements all the time out of much less than this. If a company isn’t smart enough to avoid making statements like this, then they face consequences in the modern world.

Did he break any laws? No, of course not.

Was he being an ass? Yup.

Does he, and his company, deserve to be called out on it? You bet. He was stupid, and he deserves his lumps.

For A&F to make such statements reveals how out of touch they are. One might even say “uncool.”

There are plenty of clothing stores out there. The ones run by assholes don’t need my money.

One Comment on “I’ve never shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch.”

  1. tamyrad says:

    From his photo, he is far from sexy and hardly :”cool” If it wasn’t that I have had so much trouble finding decent clothing since I was six years old. I might find this actually amusing. If this thing gets people to abandon the idea that the “brand” makes the clothes some how better I will be a little happier.

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