A very eloquent person named Brother Ivan posted this at Democratic Underground.

Here’s the rest of the thread it was part of. It’s so good I’m going to cut and paste it verbatim:

– –

There is nothing in the 2nd Amendment that says the “right to bear arms” means there should be cheap or unfettered access to dangerous weapons. They’re dangerous, can we all at least agree on that?

Requiring permits and safes and insurance in no way hinders the ultimate “right” to be armed. If you want to argue that this means only the rich will be able to afford guns, then the answer is “perhaps.” I can’t go buy a Ferrari because I can’t afford to maintain it. I can’t buy a tiger because I can’t properly take care of it. And if you can afford to spend thousands on weapons, you can afford a goddamn safe and insurance and every safety precaution necessary so that some kid or your mentally ill son can’t get at it. And truly, you’ve got two hands: how many guns can you shoot at once to defend yourself?

Nor does the 2A say anything like, “And as many guns as you fucking want.” Let’s face it, the nutters have ruined it for the rest of you responsible owners. You didn’t check that shit when the NRA was pushing their poison, so now you get to live with new rules.

I just cannot see how people can argue that their right to own killer toys trumps everyone else’s right to live.


One Comment on “A very eloquent person named Brother Ivan posted this at Democratic Underground.”

  1. tamyrad says:

    I like this, I don’t have a gun of my own because the one I want, I can’t actually afford, It is sort of like why I don’t have a Ferrari. I also do not want to spend time training as a well regulated militia person should. Why people balk at putting limits on guns is beyond my comprehension. Most of those rabid gun owners would be speaking out of the other side of their mouths if they lost a child to a mishandled gun. Guns are fun, I have happily shot at clay pigeons my self and have no problems with hunting, as long as the hunters are obeying the rules and not inebriated and don’t get up too early. But fun is not a right, and it shouldn’t take precedence over the safety of all of us.

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