What’s the traditional gift for the second bloggiversary?

Image from edinboroonline.com

Amy from Lucy’s Football (read her blog, folks, it’s awesome) recently wrote about that blog’s second bloggiversary. So I had to look and see when mine was: Monday, May 13th. A month ago today.

Man. It went sailing right past me. I was getting ready that day to fly to Kentucky, and preparing at work for a visit from the friendly Federal auditors. No time for a celebration.

A belated thank-you to everyone who’s read, followed, and stumbled upon my little nickel-and-dime puppet show for the past two years and one month. It’s helped me make connections with some awesome people, which is beyond my wildest expectations.

Image from facebook

Traditionally, the second anniversary is the “cotton” anniversary. Urban Dictionary says that the phrase “living in high cotton” means to be well off, especially in terms of happiness or wealth. It’s from the notion of a well-developed high cotton crop that one would not need to bend over to pick, and is used in the Southern US since the 1920s.

Thanks to everyone who reads and returns to this blog: yeah, I’m living in high cotton all right.

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