If you could only listen to seven bands/artists for the rest of your life..

Image from chronologicalsnobbery.com
John Cusack and Jack Black in “High Fidelity”

which ones would they be?

Yeah, yeah, you know I love the music discussion questions. Got thinking of this when I re-watched the movie “High Fidelity.” I floated a shorter version (five bands/artists) on the radio station’s FB page. Then I found this article in The Escapist magazine. Two extra choices make for a better question. Poster “Lightspeed Jack” framed it this way:

If you could only listen to seven bands for the rest of your life…

Well, what bands would those be? I’ll say that you can listen to anything they have and will make. The key is variety, you don’t want all one genre. You can include artists as well.

My seven will not come as any great surprise, I don’t think, to anyone who’s spent more than five minutes reading this blog. In no particular order:

Honorable mention:

Jump on in.

2 Comments on “If you could only listen to seven bands/artists for the rest of your life..”

  1. Robert Hulshof-Schmidt says:

    Thanks for the extra two! Here goes…
    Richard Thompson
    June Tabor
    Waterson:Carthy and family (is that cheating?)
    Robyn Hitchcock
    Stephen Fearing
    Patty Larkin

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